About Colloids

“Taste” in your Colloidal Supplement.

The 3 Most Common Problems found in “Broad Spectrum” Colloidal Mineral or liquid mineral supplements:
The Mineral Supplement you are taking have “BAD TASTE” ?
When it comes to mineral supplements: “Follow Your Tongue”.

If your tongue is sending you a sour message it doesn’t mean the product
ingredients are decaying. The “Horrid Taste” in your mouth is likely telling you:
The ingredients contain elements that may be naturally toxic or harmful to the human body.

PROPORTION of the respective elements is seriously wrong. (or both).
What would a cake taste like with 4 cups of salt and a half teaspoon of flour?
Consult the ingredient list of mineral supplement and ask two obvious questions:
           1. Are any ingredients listed on your supplement label NOT found on a chart that lists the (below)elements used by the human body
            2. If the ingredient IS listed on the BODY ELEMENTS CHART then is it “Out of Position” or TO HIGH UP on the chart, indicating UNSAFE RELATIVE CONCENTRATION to other elements on the body chart.
(Consult the Body Elements and Concentration charts below to compare).

2. Does your Colloidal Mineral Supplement look “Cloudy, Murky or Muddy”?

Would you drink from a “Murky” mountain stream ???
Minerals either soluble or insoluble naturally exist in any given mountain stream. Soluble minerals are ALWAYS clear.
Insoluble minerals naturally existing in a mountain stream only exist as a
Colloid, or “particulate in suspension”. Only in a high concentrates of select elements would colloids show their color and only as a “Transparent Color”. “Murky” appearance indicates either pollution, agglomeration, partial suspension, or excessively large (not bio-available) particulate sizes.

 Is your Colloidal Mineral Supplement “tasteless”?

 Would you buy orange juice with no orange taste?
If you want to buy expensive water, tasteless broad spectrum mineral supplements would likely be your best bet, again, CONSULT YOUR TONGUE!

The “No taste – No Mineral” problem does not usually exist in broad spectrum mineral supplements but is an EPIDEMIC among single mineral supplements such as colloidal silver or colloidal gold