Likely Mineral Candidates to Supplement

Statisticly speaking among minerals the non soluble class is already a huge depletion problem among most populations.


     1. The number of milligrams a liter of water can carry of non soluble mineral particulate “colloids” is just a small fraction of the concentration that water can carry in soluble form.

     2. Water treatment process remove mineral colloids.

     3. Farming soils have become trace mineral deplete over years of abuse and use of “narrow spectrum” fertilizers. For the above reasons and others Silver Mountain Minerals is providing dietary supplement colloids chosen among the statisticly most likely deplete among US populations. This list is given in descending order of their relative concentration incorporated into human body tissues.

               1. Calcium (Oxide form only one OMRI approved) (Mostly soluble)

               2. Magnesium

               3. Iron

               4. Zinc (Statistically most likely deplete among US populations)

               5. Copper

               6. Tin

               7. Manganese

               8. Vanadium

               9. Chromium

              10. Molybdenum

              11.  Silver

              12.  Gold